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Getting Started


  • Print a test

    Planning is the key to printing success, so be sure to do a quick test print before anything else. This is particularly important if you’re unsure which side your machine prints on (top or bottom). Go ahead and insert a sheet of regular paper, and draw an “X” on the bottom to test-print. Soon enough, you’ll know which side your printer prints on, which is usually the top, but it varies.

  • Printing on the correct side

    One side of the vinyl sheet is smoother. That’s the side you want to be printing on. The backing paper is shinier, like wax paper. You can always lightly peel away the backing paper in one of the corners to double-check which side is the printable one.

  • Avoiding paper jams

    Insert a single EnvoColor vinyl sheet at a time to avoid paper jams. Vinyl is thicker than regular paper sheets and some printers might experience more issues with media thickness. You wouldn’t want to put unnecessary pressure on your printer, which could damage both machine.

  • Suggested printer settings
    PrinterMedia TypePrint QualityColor Control
    HP® InkjetHP Premium PaperBestColorSmart/sRGB or Default
    Canon® InkjetHigh Resolution PaperHighAuto
    Epson® InkjetPhoto Quality Inkjet PaperPhoto or Best PhotoEpson Vivd
  • Drying time

    EnvoColor vinyl dries immediately but it is recommended to let your prints air-dry for a few minutes. Allow 24 hours to dry before exposing it to water. If your ink is not drying correctly, please get in touch with an expert. We will be able to help and offer a solution.

  • Quality

    Each EnvoColor vinyl is built for high-resolution printing. If you notice blurriness or low quality, your printer settings are likely the culprit. Try tweaking these and try again. If you’re still having quality issues, get in touch with our support team.


  • Optional

    Lamination is optional. Protecting your stickers with a laminate film or special spray is a smart way to make your prints last longer, especially if you plan on showcasing them outside or in high-contact areas.

  • UV protection

    Inkjet pigment inks and dyes are not known to perform well the sun, making UV protection critical. In fact, adding film or spray could extend your vinyl’s lifespan by 2-3 years, as opposed to a couple months without.

  • Contact and friction

    If you expect a lot of people to fiddle with your vinyl, you should definitely think ahead and protect them with a layer of laminate film or spray. This is usually needed on items like tumblers and product labels, seeing as friction and rubbing can wear the thin printed layer away.

  • Water-based pigments and dyes

    Inkjet printers are convenient and cost-effective, but their inks can cost you big-time if exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. Dyes aren’t waterproof either, and water can make them run when unprotected.


  • Cutting machines and plotters

    EnvoColor vinyl sheets work with most cutting machines like Silhouette and Cricut. However, if your cutter is losing something in translation, like registration marks, you could always put a little matte scotch tape over the marks. This will help your machine read registration marks on glossy surfaces.

  • Difficulty reading registration marks

    Some cutting machines may have difficulty locating and reading the registration marks. This is caused by the optical eye receiving incorrect readings due to the glossy, reflective surface of the vinyl sheet. A quick fix is to stick a few pieces of matte or frost scotch-tape over the marks and try again.

  • Manual cutting

    You don’t need a fancy cutting machine. Scissors, or an X-Acto knife will easy cut through the several layers of vinyl and offer great results.


  • Surface preparation

    EnvoColor vinyl contains high quality pressure-sensitive adhesive. Always apply your stickers to a flat surface such as plastic, glass or metal. Clean surface and avoid using ammonia-based glass cleaners such as Windex as it may leave residue resulting in poor adhesion. Experts recommend rubbing alcohol or similar products for best results.

  • Do not apply vinyl to porous surfaces such as textured plastic or bare wood.

Quick Tips

  • Round off square corners

    Square corners often cause problems. First, they cause stickers to not adhere properly and make the vinyl difficult to separate from the backing paper. When possible, try to round off excessively-pointy corners.

  • Store your sheets flat

    Your EnvoColor sheets will arrive flat to make your life easier. Lightly warped edges on your sheets could cause issues with printers. Keep them in their package to protect them and avoid warping. Your printer could reject the sheets entirely or the printhead could strike the vinyl.

  • Dye ink problems

    In the unlikely event your ink doesn’t seem to be drying, speak to us. We’ve noticed certain printer manufacturer’s inks don’t work well with vinyl, black ink in particular.

  • Using a bit of heat

    Want to shape your stickers a little bit? Try using a hairdryer to heat it up. Apply it when it’s warm, then leave to cool.

We have more helpful articles and we’re always around if you have any questions.